Listen to 'So Long Brother' here.

Anyone else noticing the amount of visually delicious creative projects people are doing all over social media? People are making artwork, playlists, typefaces, journals and music, it’s been beautiful to watch. I just wanted to ‘hype-up’ one creative project that’s been nourishing the soul at the moment: @socialinteractionmusic

They’re utilising their musical assets and making art from it and it’s literally the perfect content to to absorb at the moment. Let’s be honest about it, now more than ever it’s inevitable that we’re gonna be on phones loads more, may as well follow some pages that actually inspire us.

I asked them a few questions about what they’re doing :)

What is Social Interaction?

Social Interaction is a two-part Irish duo, pushing the boundaries of Alternative Hip-Hop to create their own genre bending sound. As introverts, the concept behind Social Interaction is that our music and art acts as our “social interaction” – letting the art that speaks through our soul do our interaction in a world that seems to be obsessed with the outer packaging.

What makes up the duo? How did your paths cross?

The two minds behind Social interaction are MC and poet Icarus Prince and music producer and film composer Moon Paw Print. We both met in October 2017, where we were both at a crossroads of sorts. I was on the verge of quitting rapping and writing in general, while Moon Paw Print was feeling the same type of way about his production. What started as an idea to collaborate on a short EP ended in a deep dive into the soul of the art. We started developing concepts together, and decided to work as a duo to get the depths of our artistry.

What’s your creative process like? Like how long have you been making music? What inspires you?

Our main philosophy is that it has to pour out of you. For the moments it doesn’t, we treat the time as gym practice until it flows once more. We love the creative side of it, and we’ve made over 600 songs over the past two years. We’re big believers in treating music as a deep art form and all of our projects have concepts stitching them together. As artists, we absorb life and experiences and give them back to you through our lens.

I’ve been writing poetry since I was 15, and also MCing, spitting over instrumentals to make projects in my bedroom. My MC skills really developed once I met Moon Paw Print, exploring the different, creative ways I could mould words into rhythm and rhyme over his experimental production. Moon Paw Print has been diving in and out of production for the last 11 years, until the last few years where we’ve both gone to the deep end.

Why did you decide to start Social Interaction/ how did you know the time was right?

We started Social Interaction through a deep passion for the art. We have been building our sound since we met, having completed three separate projects and beginning our long-term vision ‘The Five Chapters’. With the shutdown happening due to Covid-19, we thought this was the best time for us to start sharing our Social Interaction with the Universe. We will be releasing music every two weeks, and building a scrapbook on our Instagram for the background of our debut EP, ‘Chapter I: Earth’.

Is there anything you want to get out of doing this?

We both feel a deep spiritual calling through the art. We are firm believers in the healing elements of music, and if we can touch and help people along their paths, then we will have succeeded. For us, it is all about following that voice that brought us here in the first place, and saying what we need to say through our art. Trust the Process.

You’re producing music during a lockdown? How you finding that?

We’re actually used to working together despite being physically apart! This has given us a further chance to dive deep inside ourselves to produce more art. On a personal level, it has forced us to face the masks we’ve been avoiding or haven’t fully shed yet. It’s important we look after our mental health at this time, and the art has served as a healing process for what’s going on in the present and the past.

Anything else?

Our next single drops (TODAY ) on the 17th April, titled ‘So Long Brother’. It’s a personal narrative of the human contradictions we face through our navigations of Earth, with the added layer of the stereotypes a person of colour has to outrun. We will be dropping another single, called ‘V or V’, on the 1st May. Both songs are part of our debut album, ‘Ch I: Earth’, dropping in late May. Social Interaction is part of the universe of SLAN COLLECTIVE, a multi-disciplinary art collective comprising of immersive music, manga, fashion and visual arts. We had been planning to tour our debut exhibition, ‘Ch I: Earth / The Anti- Hero’, this spring, however our plans have been put on hold due to Covid-19.