Who are we?

We're FRESH Magazine. We're a team of three Graphic Designers from Manchester who share the same mentality and ethos when it comes to diversity in the arts. The creative industry in the UK is in no way reflective of our country's racially diverse society and we believe this to be a huge problem. 

"The aim of our magazines is to give a platform to the 'underdogs' within the creative industry."

From our experience of studying within an art school, it was really easy to spot the lack of diversity. We believe that though through the power of graphic design we have the power to create change. We want to shine a spotlight on the 'underdogs' of the creative industry. We want students to feel confident that their ethnicity isn't something that should be 'toned down' in order to find our place within the creative industry. We're the future of design, and if we can start a conversation to bring together different cultures, then we can change the way people view the arts. 

We're here to create change.

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